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A Full-page Ad for Truth and Democracy in Korea

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We demand answers from President Park Geun-hye, who will be visiting the UN HQ in NYC on 9/22

President Park Geun-hye will be visiting the United Nations Headquarters in New York on September 21st. We will place yet another ad in the NYT during her visit to openly criticize Ms. Park and the South Korean government for their continued failure as a President and government body in leading South Korea as a true democratic nation. 

Why the New York Times? Because sadly, openly criticizing the President and the government is no longer allowed in South Korea. No, we’re not talking about North Korea here; although, South Korea seems to become more and more like its Northern neighbor, thanks to Madame President and her party.

Sewol is Only the Beginning

The Sewol Ferry disaster was not an accident, but a man-made disaster caused by deregulation of safety laws that bred government corruption, corporate greed, and lack of efficient governmental emergency protocols. As if the 304 lives lost in the sea were not enough, President Park Geun-hye and her administration are continuing to push their thoughtless agenda of deregulating safety measures all around South Korea. We do not need to see more innocent deaths in this nation. Those who are in place of government leadership, including the President herself, must realize that they are where they are because the Korean people gave their trust to do public good. What the President and the ruling party are doing is the very opposite, let alone dangerous for South Korea and its future. This must come to an end.

Crocodile Tears

President Park shed tears in front of cameras (after successfully keeping her eyes from blinking for a whopping 31 seconds!) as she promised the victims’ families and the Korean people for a thorough and limitless investigation of the Sewol ferry accident and to bring a positive change in South Korea. Five months has passed, yet her promise is nowhere to be found. In fact, the victims’ families and hundreds of thousands of Koreans who are demanding a transparent investigation are now being criticized by the members of the ruling party and rather told to silence their demands. 

The President has completely disregarded the petition that over 4 million people have signed for the enactment of the special legislation, and is continuing her ignorant acts of dismissing public demands for an independent council to investigate and indict those responsible for the tragedy. 

Even Pope Francis took his time during his short visit to Korea in August to meet with the families of the victims who were going on almost 40 days of hunger strike. Yet, the President is treating her own people with disrespect and lack of empathy. The President and the SK government have also provided zero support to the families of the victims thus far.

Democracy is Sinking in South Korea

The SK government went even further to take away the rights to assembly (which is guaranteed under the Korean constitution) by placing hundreds of police and taking away the gathering place (Gwanghwamun Plaza) of the victims families. The Blue House has deeply tarnished the quality of journalism in Korea by influencing and pressuring the mainstream media to only write stories favorable of the President and the ruling party. This has been exposed by numerous journalists at KBS and MBC (SK public broadcasting companies). Sadly, the conditions remain the same in Korea even after the exposé. Not only did the mainstream media falsely reported the facts surrounding the Sewol Ferry disaster, but even the recent court ruling against the 11 officials of the Defense Ministry for their proven involvement using the cyberwarfare unit to post thousands of political messages online praising President Park and therefore meddling the presidential election outcome was totally covered up by the mainstream media.

Freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom to gather assembly are now becoming a rarity in South Korea. Democracy in South Korea is sinking like the ferry Sewol. President Park Geun-hye and her party have lost public trust and they no longer qualify to represent the Korean people. They are responsible for destroying democracy, liberty and justice in Korea. The Korean people has had enough and will not tolerate the incompetent President and her government.

침몰하는 대한민국호

박근혜 대통령의 UN 총회 기조연설에 즈음해  “NYT 전면광고로 그녀의 자격부족을 고발하고자 합니다”

광고비를 위한 모금 캠페인에 동참해 주시고, 시위참여와 SNS 전파를 통해  캠페인을 널리 알려주시면 감사하겠습니다. 시간이 촉박한 관계로 모금 기간은 9/9-16, 단 7일 입니다. 세월호 참사로 드러난 박근혜 대통령의 무능, 무책임, 직무유기를 전세계에 규탄하고자 합니다.

사고접수후에도 한시간넘도록 전원구조가 가능했던 300여명을 통째로 잃어버린 참사. 그 뒤에는 부정부패, 정경유착, 규제완화외에도 해경, 해수부, 안행부의무능, 무책임 그리고 최고책임자인 대통령의 사라진 7시간이 있습니다.

검찰수사  5개월여, 처벌을 받은 정부관계자는 말단 공무원 10명 내외뿐. 언제 다시 제 2의 세월호참사가 터질지 알 수 없는 대한민국에서 정부는 그 구태 그대로 자리보전과 정권수호의 깃발을 달고 항해중입니다.  

생짜로 자식을 잃은 유가족은 진상규명도 책임자 처벌도 이루어지지 않은 상황에서 성역없는 수사를 외치며 특별법을 요구해 왔지만 단식도 촛불시위도 전면 무시된 채 공권력을 동원한 사찰, 폭력, 유언비어를 통해 폄하되었습니다.

방송은 대통령 얼굴을 더 많이 내보내기 위한 도구로 전락했고 주요일간지는 정부입장을 대변하고 특별법 반대 및 유가족 비난 여론을 조성하는 촉매제로 활용되고 있습니다. 이렇게 언론은 세월호 참사를 통해 드러난 대한민국의 허술한 민낯에 정화와 개혁이 아닌 은폐와 철갑을 두르고 있습니다.

9월 21일 월요일 박근혜대통령은 UN 총회에 참석 기조연설을 할 예정입니다. 그녀는 5 개월 전 대국민 사과를 통해 특별법 제정과 국가개조 적폐청산을 약속했지만 지키지 않았습니다. 그녀가 흘린 눈물은 악어의 눈물이었고 정치적 거짓연기에 지나지 않았습니다. 전세계인이 지켜보는 UN 총회 기조연설에서 그녀는 또 무슨말을 할까요? 

박근혜는 한나라의 대통령이 아니라 정치라는 드라마에 출연하는 연기자 같습니다. 특별법을 통해 진실을 알기 원하는 과반수의 국민적 요구와 부정부패청산 안전사회 구현이라는 국가적 사명을 그녀는 가짜 눈물로 무마했습니다. 애끓는 유가족의 면담 요청에 청와대는 경찰의 방패로 답했습니다.

300명이 수장된 상황에서 행방을 감추고 본인이 약속하고 국민이 요구하는 특별법을 끝끝내 거부하는 박근혜대통령. 적폐청산이 아니라 은폐축적을 꾀하는 당신은 UN 에서 대한민국을 대표하고 국민을 대신 할 자격이 없습니다.  

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